FIRST thing I notice is that Photobox has rejected most of the photos I set to upload to make Betty’s album.

The photos are too big. So, it’s back to the drawing board. I try re-sizing them all automatically by ‘batch processing them using Preview but although it’s reduced the dimensions, the file sizes are still too big.

I end up opening each image in Photoshop and resizing them and setting image specific export settings…although time-coonsuming, it’s no bad thing as it lets me tweak the photos a bit and also get the file sizes down to something more manageable.

By late afternoon I’ve got a new set of photos uploading. Fingers crossed Photobox likes ’em this time.

In between times I make up a batch of burgers for next weekend – three 750g packs of mince, minced chives, a touch of hot sauce, some Lea & Perrins and a sprinkling of mustard powder gives me 21 quarter-pounders courtesy of the new burger press. Only 130-or-so more to make before next weekend!

Matty’s coming for the night and rolls up just after 7pm. We have a couple of beers while Margaret makes dinner then have a chilled night…