Will assembles the outdoor bar for next weekend's party....amazing!

Will assembles the outdoor bar for next weekend’s party….amazing!

UP early – we’ve to pick up some ‘bits’ to put together and outside urinal for Margaret’s party.

I get bogged down in some online work, so Margaret takes the car along to Betty and Joe’s and picks the stuff up. A few minutes later Will and Joyce pull up.

Will’s made an outside bar out of old pallets and he and his mum have packed in her car and brought it over for Will to assemble ‘on-site’.

He does a marvellous job – the thing is amazing.

Next we set about putting up some anchor points for a tarpaulin to give extra cover ‘just in case’ (!!!) it rains. We get ’em up then have some lunch before experimenting with the tarpaulin. A bit Heath Robinson, but looks like it’ll work.

Last job is the urinal area then Will and Joyce head off. Margaret and I tidy up a bit then I get on with a coupe of online jobs, some USA tour booking stuff then knock up some steamed hirata buns with caramelised belly pork.

Another early start into Glasgow tomorrow, so a wee dram and an early night…