Yorkston Thorpe Khan play a magical set at Creative Scotland's reception in Edinburgh

Yorkston Thorpe Khan play a magical set at Creative Scotland’s reception in Edinburgh

WE’RE off into Glasgow early.

I drop Margaret off for her meetings and stop to grab a quick sausage and egg McMuffin en route to see Rab and Stephy.

After a coffee and a blether I help Stephy with some Mac stuff then we discuss ideas for her new website that I’m gonna put together.

I’ve got some bits and bobs to do – first at Braehead, then Costco where I get some shopping…and a hotdog – before picking Margaret up at 2pm.

Next stop, Edinburgh, where we’re headed for Creative Scotland’s reception at Central Hall – a gathering of creative types to celebrate Edinburgh Festival and the fringe with live music from Yorkston Thorne Khan.

We – and I would suspect James Yorkston too – are annoyed by the level of chat in the room when they play their first short set. There’s doubtless a lot of people here who haven’t seen each other in ages, but there’s plenty time to chat before and after while enjoying the free-flowing bubbly and snacks…so there’s no need to chatter loudly and blatantly ignore what is an amazing performance.

The gathered folks slowly start paying more attention during the ‘speeches’ and, thankfully when James and his cohorts take to the stage for a few more songs, due respect is paid.

A nice evening out with great music and the chance to catch up with friends old and new.