LOOKS like there might be rain at the weekend. And we’re having Margaret’s party. Outside.

We have a couple of big gazebos, and there’s various other bits of shelter in the garden…Will and I had tested a big makeshift ‘sail’ with a tarpaulin, but it won;t handle much rain. Betty and Joe offered their car port canopy/shelter, so we go an collect it and end up staying for coffee and a blether.

Next, into Glasgow to pick up Margaret’s cake and a whole load of other shopping.

We’re not long home when Betty and Joe roll up – Joe’s an expert at putting up the shelter, so we get on the case – by 8pm we’ve got the thing up and anchored down as best we can. Hope it doesn’t get too windy!

Margaret gets on with some last minute arrangements  while I get another batch of burger mix then we spend a while pressing them up. We’ll do a final batch tomorrow.

After a late dinner – it’s 11pm – I get on with editing my tech blog for ProSoundNews Europe….then a dram…and bed.