MAN…we wake up after a couple of hours’ sleep and we’re puggled. Double puggled.

Not so much the alcohol or hangover, just aching all over form being on our feet and running around from first thing on Saturday ’til 3 or 4am Sunday.

Some of the early risers and visitors help me clear up the garden a bit….not sure how/where we get rid of all the rubbish, but at least it’s all tidied up, bagged and under control.

Margaret and Catriona are on bacon roll duty and everyone gets some grub and tea/coffee. A  few more folks who’ve been staying in the village drop b y over the next hour or two…and Will’s breathalyser is put to good use. Bizarrely I’m 100% safe to drive with either no…or just a trace of alcohol. Margaret and Catriona are same and Mikey’s under the limit too. Gonna be a while before Matty can drive tho’!

Martyn and Kenny pop round later to pick up Martyn’s fridge and empty mini kegs. His homebrew went down a treat with everyone…although Thorsten, Seonaidh and Gilbert weren’t too keen. I was too busy early doors to get tore in, but the IPA that I tasted was mighty fine.

Once everyone;s gone we tidy up a little more…the dining room table, which was intended for putting stuff on like cake and sweets, is heaving with cards and gifts for Margaret. As is the surrounding floor.  She’s way too tired to even take a peak just now, though…so we go for a nap. It’s about 6pm….