LAST thing I remember yesterday is going for a nap around 6pm. It’s 8.30am and I’m bursting for a pee. No wonder – I’ve been asleep for over 14 hours!

There’s still a helluva lot of clearing up to do. Not just outside, but the house is upside down too.

Margaret works on getting the house in order while I do some more tidying up outside then get on with sorting out the photos I took t the party on Saturday. There’s a wee gallery here – it’s private, but if you want a wee peek the password is ‘balmaha’.

We get our two gazebos down and leave them under Betty and Joe’s carport/shelter to dry off. Lights are cleaned and put away as are the gar and charcoal grills.

Next job is to get rid of the black bin bags of rubbish. We’re lucky that there’s a few ‘commercial’ dumpster-type bins close by, but it;s still two car loads and that’s before we’ve even thought about taking the bottles and cans to the bottle bank. We’re gonna have to find some containers to put ’em all in before we can do that.

We dop something off at Barbara’s then take Betty and Joe’s coolboxes back…we end up staying for an couple of drinks and a chat.

Back home it’s getting late and there’s loads to do before dinner…and bed.