USA tour on Facebook – as well as individual ‘events’ I set up a tour event…click above for info!

THE hot water runs out while Margaret’s in the shower. On investigating, we find a box has been pushed up against the controller in the cupboard and knocked the power off!

It’s gonna take a good hour or so before the water’s hot enough for me to shower, so I prepare breakfast, deal with emails and other stuff. My OCD won’t let me have breakfast before my shower.

Shower, breakfast then on with number one task for the day…creating Facebook events for all the USA dates.

I stop for lunch and a quick meeting with a pal whose website I’m gonna put together then get back to the Facebook events – and also collating poster art along with a quantity/distribution list to send to my cousin in Traverse City. She’ll get the printing done there and get them all sent out. Did a fine job for me last year 🙂

By about 4pm I’m goggle-eyed so head for a walk. Six/seven miles and two fairly uninformative podcasts later I’m back home to find Margaret’s rinsed out and sorted all the bottles and cans from Saturday’s shindig. We get ’em in tubs and bags and head to the recycling bins nearby.

Duncan and Irene stop by to pick the camper van that they very kindly left here for the party to provide some extra accommodation space. Just a flying visit and quick catch up then I’m back into the office to finish the USA Facebook events while Margaret gets dinner ready.

After eating I go back to the office to create and overall ‘tour event’, but Facebook no longer allows events lasting more than two weeks. Jeez. I work around it by making the event for the last day of the tour – if I make it for the start, it’ll disappear after day one. To offset that, I make sure the title and the event banner both state the tour runs form 6 October top 6 November. Not ideal but there you go.

I’ll look at it tomorrow and see if it’s practical to split the tour over two events…