BEFORE getting bogged down in stuff I pick up a guitar and run through 1923 – a new song that’s still to be recorded for the album which, incidentally, we’re gonna hold ’til early next year to coincide with some other ‘actvitiy’.

I play the song a few times trying to decide if it’s better capo’d up to D instead of C…feels like I’m singin’ it way down in my boots in C. Maybe more life in the vocal in D. We’ll see.

The office is a mess and there’s lots to get on with today.

I need to make a start on Stephy’s website…then my September eNewsletter need written and set-up to go first thing in the morning. You can read it here.

There’s some international showcases to be thought about and one in particular, Eurosonic, has an application deadline tonight. I get it in.

Mikey and Dougie are coming for the night so I get some Italian sausage pasta underway thne we spend the rest of the night eating, drinking and talking….