WE have our weekly meeting and work our way through the to-do lists…and bury our heads in the sand re our financial situation for the time being. That’s not very good.

Anyhow, once we’ve brought some order to the chaos we get on with our priorities for the day.

I send a few chase-up emails and messages about some USA dates that are looking like they may not materialise and could cause the ass to drop out the tour.

I spend a few hours finishing the draft of Betty’s photobook which should have been done ages ago. We make a date to go through it and check all’s good and correct.

Next I continue building the framework for Stephy’s website – I’m getting on fine until an email comes through from a venue owner in the US that I’m meant to be playing telling me they’re closing down at the end of this month. They are apologetic, have a very good reason and hope to help find another venue…but that’s not what I need right now…

Michelle drops by – I’d promised to sort some photo prints she’d like made so I get the images from her phone and work out what to do. She heads off and I work on the images and order some prints.

After dinner I get back to work on Stephy’s website. There’s a few wee bits of code that are frustrating the hell out of me. By midnight I still haven’t sorted them…and I’m at the eye hospital in Glasgow first thing tomorrow, so out of action for a good proportion of the day. Did someone mention songwriting? …or recording? Hmmmmf….