MARGARET drops me off at the eye hospital in good time for 9am appointment.

My uveitis is ‘at bay’ and having reduced the steroids to once a week we reckon I can try coming off them – the consultant reckons “it’ll be back at some point” which seems a bit negative but hey ho…all good for the time being.

I’ve a long overdue haircut booked at Mohair down on he Trongate. Quite a trek from Gartnavel in the drizzle but I get there in time for my appointment..IU’m kept waiting for about 20 minutes then told the barber for whom I’d made my appointment is double-booked so someone else cuts my hair. Seems their prices have gone up a bit too…mmm….

Next I pick up some photo prints I’ve organised for Michelle then I head to Costco – another miserable trek in the rain..this time up to Springburn. Still, it’s good to get some exercise!

I’m starving by the time I get there and almost have a slice of pizza and a hotdog…common sense takes over and I have a much healthier chicken wrap instead then wander around the warehouse waiting for Margret to come and pick me up.

Back home I hit the office and update my SonicBids EPK (electronic press kit) ready for my application for SxSW – I’ve mixed feelings about SonicBids and the whole paying to apply for a showcase (or other ‘opportunity’) but it’s the only way for folks like me at the bottom of the music industry food chain to apply for a SxSW showcase.

It’s good timing as the application fee goes up from $35 to $55 on Friday. That’s quite an earner split between SonicBids and SxSW when you consider the number of hopefuls applying to be considered for a showcase – over 8000 in 2015 raising an estimated $360,000 (8000 x average $45). ’nuff said.

Anyway, if I can pull in Folk Alliance and SxSW showcases that’d be a good backbone for a US southern states tour through February and March.