MY side of the bedroom is a bit of a mess so when I get up I set about tidying it up.

Part of the problem is the growing t-shirt collection which is bursting out of it;s two-drawer allocation in the chest of drawers. I force myself to part with a bunch of faded, ripped and hole-ey shirts – some of my favourites – and a bunch of surplus – and well-worn out – sweatshirts that I’d been keeping ‘for painting’ or other messy jobs. Not that I do much of that anyway!

There’s a strange sense of satisfaction in clearing the clutter.

Then I get on with some US booking tasks and arrange a couple of PRS for Music members’ fund visits later in the month.

Betty comes round to go through the photobook I’ve created – it’s quite expensive so I want to make sure she’s happy with the layout and the captions. We go through it all together and then I get an order made up. Good to have that put to bed…a fun wee project though 🙂

A message from my pals Dig Deep in Wisconsin confirms a show together in Appleton…good news, but there’s still a period later in the tour with no shows that needs to be plugged asap.

After dinner I should be getting my accounts in order but instead, I shut up the office and read a good portion of Elephant Moon – book club is on Friday night– while Margaret watches the Andy Murray game on the telly.

Then bed. I’ll get the book finished tomorrow night!