AFTER a bit of late start we have our weekly meeting.

It’s clear from the to-do lists that I’m swamped. Somehow keeping abreast of things but there’s been no songwriting, rehearsing or recording for over a month…and if it wasn’t for Saturday’s Facebook livestream I wouldn’t have even touched a guitar. That’s worrying.

On the up side, a few more USA shows are coming in and filling a gap that had me panicking for a while.

My accounts are still strewn around the office but they’ve been overtaken on the priority list by about ten other urgent tasks.

Not knowing what to do first, I get on as best I can then, late afternoon, we take a drive to Catriona and Will’s to drop off a birthday present for Will. Nice to see them 🙂

Back home I make the dinner then decamp to the office in a bid to get some things ticked off the list….