WE both have stuff on in Glasgow today.

I drop Margaret off then go and pick up some shopping – a big bag of quinoa from Costco and all the other ingredients for my proposed healthy lunches from Lidl. No brocolli tho’, so I still have to endure Tesco!

I spend the afternoon showing Stephy round her new website and giving her a wee tutorial on how to update things herself.

There’s still a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on the USA tour dates…and I’m almost on my deadline for promo postcards, second phase of poster art and PR. Also we’re in the midst of sorting out merch production for the tour.

To add to the confusion a note from the venue I’m scheduled to play in  South Wales a week on Saturday tells us they’re pulling the show due to poor ticket sales. Margaret call’s and tries to make them understand that there’s a lot of folks we know intending to come to the show and there will be walk ups, but they’re not having it.

We agree a cancellation fee but, to be honest, that doesn’t help much – the Brighton show was only organised because we were going to be south anyway and now we’re committed to hotels and stuff for extra days for nothing – and we can ill afford the cost, or the time…not only are we down on a good part of the gig fee but we miss out on sales, have to find accommodation (that was to be provided)…not to mention the poster and flyer printing costs and all the PR/social media work we’ve put in. I need this like a fuckin’ hole in the head at the moment.

Oh, then I’ve got to throw good time after bad and take the show off my website, social media etc.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of messages from people saying they’re disappointed in the cancellation as “we were planning to be there” but, at the end of the day, it’s maybe a wake up call to those who don’t buy advance tickets and then moan that nothing ever happens – or when the show’s cancelled.

I open a beer and make a quinoa salad and griddled chicken for dinner….