Fun filming some music with Julia Bradbury's production team

Fun filming some music with Julia Bradbury’s production team

OUR weekly meeting throws up loads of tasks – mostly to do with the upcoming USA tour.

The tour shirts are underway, but the coozie printing company can’t deliver on time…and although posters are all printed and distributed, I’m right on the deadline for getting all the other promo print ordered.

There’s a few bits of website work needing done and reports from various PRS and Music+ meetings to be done.

It’s a busy day then I get a text  late afternoon from the production folks filming Best Walks With a View with Julia Bradbury – I’ve to play a wee bit of guitar for them. We head down to the local coffee shop to meet the crew and have fun filming a wee bit for the end of the episode they’re working on.

Back home, Margaret gets some dinner ready while I mess about with some tunes in the studio….then it’s back onto sorting out some final loose ends for the USA tour….

..and a good laugh with Julia

..and a good laugh with Julia