WE’RE mid-breakfast when my mobile rings – someone from the Best Walks With a View with Julia Bradbury production team. They’re filming locally and wondering if I’d be up for playing a song.

Problem is, they want me to play Loch Lomond. While I did record a version of it for the Nobody’s Fool album I’ve never really liked it and don’t feel I come anywhere near doing the song justice.

I hum and haw a bit – it’s really not the way I want to be perceived but it is, I guess good exposure, and Margaret’s gesturing wildly telling  me I should do it…also our pals Stuart and David recommended they get me in on the action and I don’t want to let them down after thinking of me. I agree. We’ll be filming tomorrow (Monday).

I’ve a Music+ mentoring session at a studio in Glasgow this afternoon, but before I go I set up the smoker and put on a bacon-wrapped pork loin. It’ll be ready before I get back, but Margaret’s promised to look after it.

I head into town and meet my mentoring student. All goes good and we make a plan for a series of subsequent sessions.

On the way home I pick up some some bits and bobs from the supermarket and Chinese cash’n’carry…the pork’s ready and in the faux cambro (ie: wrapped in a double layer of tin foil, then a towel and put in a coolbox) to stay warm ’til Martyn and Louise get here later.

Our pals arrive just after 7pm and we have a chilled night – haven’t seen them in a while other than some work we did together a few weeks ago so it;s good to catch up.