MARGARET drops me off  just before 9am at the McDonalds in Milngavie – she’s off to Milton and I have an eye hospital appointment at Gartnavel at 1.45pm.

We plan to meet up later as she has two guitars I need for a Music+ mentoring session at a studio in town later.

I have some breakfast and a long-lasting coffee while I try and get some work done. The wifi’s not great tho’ and my eyes/head are aching making it hard for me to concentrate on anything.

I embark on the first leg of my walk to Gartnavel – Milngavie to Anniesland Cross, where I stop at Morrisons for a coffee and free wifi that’s not yet available. It’s only another 20 minutes’ walk to Gartnavel so I hang out for a while then make my way to the hospital in plenty of time for my appointment.

I’m seen by a couple of folks, have a scan done and then am seen again. The uveitus has indeed flared up. With a vengeance. Steroids every two hours for the next week, six times a day for the following week and so on until things are stabilised again.

Then it’s Shanks’s pony again and I hoof it along to Kelvinbridge to meet Margaret. We park up at Buchanan Galleries, I grab my guitars and head to the studio and Margaret to the hairdresser.

Once we’re both done we head for home. I’ve some stuff to take along to Betty and Joe’s then I pack the gear ready for a 6am departure for Brighton in the morning. Jeez…