Click  the image to watch a replay of today's Facebook live stream...

Click the image to watch a replay of today’s Facebook live stream…

WE have a lazy morning at the Days Inn and Margaret calls reception to see if we can get a complimentary ate checkout. The answer’s yes, so we’re good ’til 2pm!

I get a bunch of work done of the US tour promo and we plan a Facebook live stream for later… then we pack up and leave our room around 1pm…we’re getting hungry!

In the car park we bump into a couple of musician pals then we go for food…but the queues are enormous. We’re only an hour form our next stop – Darlington – so we decide to hold off ’til we get there.

We hit KFC which is, for me, the best of a bad bunch of fast food places. The guy serving i fuckin’ doughball tho’ and I’m not surprised when, despite asking for the same as Margaret, I get a completely different meal. It’s no bad thing, tho’, ‘cos Margaret’s is crap – and freezing cold. She takes it back and they give her another. Warm, this time, but a huge big blob of black stuff covers half of the inside of the bun Wish I’d taken a photo….KFC’s just dropped to the bottom of the list.

After picking up some stuff for dinner later we check in  to our Travelodge and get ready to do a quick Facebook live stream at 5pm. It all goes to plan then I get on with some more work before relaxing for the rest of the night.