LOTS to catch up on since we’ve been away…and I need to call the dentist and see if I can have my crown fixed before we head off to the USA.

I give them a call and, thankfully, get a 2pm appointment for this afternoon.

There’s some bits and pieces to do around the music for this weekend’s Balmaha’s Braw Weekend and some other loose end to tie up.

Margaret’s away with the car so I have a four-mile walk to the dentist. Don’t mind, though – I need a walk and I’ve got plenty podcasts loaded up to listen to as I go.

I get there in good time and after a wee bit drilling, cleaning and other jiggery-pokery the crown’s re-attached and I’m making my way home.

I’m not long back when Margaret arrives home then a few minutes later Betty and Joe drop in for a quick coffee.

Later on I pack a couple of guitars for tomorrow’s Music+ mentoring sessions at the studio in Glasgow then do some work on a postcard for Gilbert – we’re hoping I can get ’em printed in time for the weekend…

Meantime, Another USA show comes in – Friday 4 November in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Perfect 🙂