FEEL like someone’s hit me with a big stick – the hangover’s not too bad, but my back and feet are aching like hell.

After breakfast I tidy up the gear from last night’s show and sort out some of the stuff for the USA trip then into the office to print out et lists, USA price lists, merch sales slips, mail list signup sheets and all sorts.

Once we’ve got some stuff out the way we head down the the Braw Weekend festival site for a wander around and a quick meeting with the folks from Glengoyne who are ‘supporting’ the USA tour with some product in return for me ‘spreading the love’. If I can make this work and get some increased traction and visibility for their whisky in the USA we might have something going.

Back to more packing and preparation for the trip. We leave at 4am. Jeez.

The Braw Weekend festival comes to a close around 5pm – and once the traffic’s subsided I head down to pick up some lighting I’d provided.

Then it;s back to more work and packing before taking a walk along to see Betty and Joe before we leave.

Back home, I make dinner, have a beer and Catriona arrives…she’s staying over and running us to the airport in the (helluva early) morning…