The Reso-Tone is recovered after a year in storage and restrung with some nice strings from Newtone...

The Reso-Tone is recovered after a year in storage and restrung with some nice nickel masters from Newtone…just the job 🙂

I WAKE up just after 6am…not bad considering we wen to sleep about 9pm last night!

No point i lying in bed, there’s a load of news releases to go out. I sit at a desk in the window and watch the sun rise over the Chrysler Building, Empire State and the east river as I work. Not a bad view!

The press/PR stuff takes a while, by which time Margaret’s up and brought me coffee.

We head out to breakfast at our upper east side favourite, the Silver Star diner, and have breakfast – not the healthiest or most affordable, but we have to kick off in style. Back at Ginny’s apartment block we take a trolley to the storage area in the basement and dig out my National Reso-Tone guitar, banjo, transformer, merch and a load of other stuff we’ve left here.

No time to go through it just now, though – we’re off downtown to meet the CEO of DeWolfe Music in the USA…they’ve just put out an album of my stuff in London and we’re keen to build relationships with the folks here. We find our way to the office – en route someone comes up to me on Fifth Avenue and, in a  UK accent, says “you don’t know who I am, but you’re Dave Arcari”…happens to be a musician from the UK who’s friends on Facebook. We chat then we carry on our way. The power of social media!

We have a great and inspiring meeting with Joel who then takes us for lunch…we have poke bowls – a salad made with sashimi/raw fish. Amazing!

Next stop is the British Consul where we meet briefly with some folks who’ve been helping promote the US shows.

We’re back at Ginny’s apartment with time to re-string the Reso-Tone which has been in it’s case in storage since our last visit a year ago – then out to a nearby steakhouse for dinner.

Ginny and John  treat us, their daughter Melissa and husband Blake to an amazing meal….i start with baked clams and then have the best steak I have ever tasted. Not just the meat, but the cooking too. Stunning. Another cousin, Will, and his girlfriend join us after dinner for a drink then we all go back to Ginny and John’s. We make plans to hook up when we get back to NYC to finish off the tour in early November.

We have some emails and booking stuff to deal with then…bed….