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The USA tour kicks off at Howlers, Pittsburgh...

The USA tour kicks off at Howlers, Pittsburgh…

WE broke the back of the NYC to Pittsburgh drive yesterday, so only 100-miles to do today.

Before we leave our Super 8 I do a quick Facebook Livestream update – I also attempt to sort some of the wee video clips we’ve taken so far, but for some reason neither Final Cut or iMovie will let me set up a library on an external drive. It sets up fine, but crashes when I try and import any files.

There’s not much spare memory on Margaret’s laptop, so I try and free some space by deleting some stuff out of Photos and backing the rest up on an external drive…but Photos is playing funny buggers and not working properly. Hard enough doing all this stuff not eh road when things work.

Frustrated with the technology we hit the road and, after stopping off to pick up a cool box and some lunch supplies, carry on to our Pittsburgh hotel.

We arrive soon after 2pm and I fight with the hard drives and Margaret’s laptop for an hour or two before giving up…anyway, it’s time to head downtown to Howlers to load in for tonight’s show.

I played this venue a couple of years ago – a great room, nice PA and good people. I get my gear loaded in and set up, booker Mary Jo orders us some pizza and support band – The Me Toos – load in. These guys have been promoting the hell out the show on Facebook, local music forums and wherever they can. And their music is shit-hot too. Good people.

Showtime comes around and first on David Musick plays a half-hour set to get things going. Next up, The Me Toos hit the room hard with their surf-indie-punk sound then it’s my turn to take the stage. Towards the end of my set I invite The Mee Toos up to join me on Good Friend Blues and we have a blast – I’m hoping Margaret’s managed to catch it on video…if I ever get the computer and hard drives behaving enough to get some video blogs going, you’ll see why I like this band so much.

Once we’re all done and tidied up we grab a bottle of Glengoyne, round up The Me Toos and crew and celebrate with a wee dram. With Glengoyne‘s support, part of my mission on this tour is to let fellow musicians and bookers taste  real dram…and entourage them to sip it rather than shoot it – #sipdontshoot !

It’s after 2am when we get back to the hotel and cash…a long day tomorrow (Friday) – and a gig with my pals Left Lane Cruiser at their hame base venue Brass Rail in Fort Wayne. Bring it on.

Local guys The Me Toos – magnificent :-)

Local guys The Me Toos – magnificent 🙂

The Me Toos and crew join me for a Glengoyne tasting session after the show – and they all agree it's a magic dram.

The Me Toos and crew join me for a Glengoyne tasting session after the show – and they all agree it’s a magic dram.





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