CHECK out at our nice Milwaukee hotel isn;t ’til noon, so we get a bit of work done and tidy up before leaving.

The next show is tomorrow (Thursday) in Appleton, but Margaret’s not been able to find any hotels there so we’re stopping in Fond du Lac tonight and tomorrow. It’s only about 50 miles from Milwaukee…and 40 miles away from Appleton.

We stop at a Piggly Wiggly (yup, really!) supermarket and pick up some stuff to make lunch then check in to the Microtel. Margaret’s annoyed there’s no fridge or microwave in the room…not even a coffee maker…and goes back to reception to see if they can give us a better room. The guy says yes, but when we get everything out the ‘old’ room and head to reception to pick up the key for the other room we find it’s gonna cost another $60. Fuck that. I think they’re ‘at it’. We stay in the room we originally had.

The rest of the afternoon’s spent catching up on emails etc then we loo online for places to eat. We’re not that hungry and there’s nothing that looks any good anywhere near so we decide to stay put and just finish the bread, cheese and ham we bought earlier.

We watch the third and final presidential debate on the telly which is a bit of a joke, but not quite as bad as the last one…Trump does come out with a few priceless bloomers tho’….what a mess.