IT’S a bit of a race against time to get packed up and checked out our hotel in Utica.

I manage to get the fourth part of the USA tour videoblog finished and uploaded before we sit in the lobby to finish off some stuff…but for some reason I can’t log in to my website to post my daily blog and keep getting an ‘access forbidden’ message. Think it’s something to do with the security settings on the hotel’s router.

Margaret drives first and after half hour or so we pull into a McDonalds for a snack and to use the wifi. Their wifi works fine, but there now seems to be a problem with my web host….and the login screen keeps freezing. I send a support request to my hosting company to see if they can shed any light on what’s happening.

Next stop is Saratoga Springs where we go to find the legendary Caffe Lena…but it’s closed for renovation. When Dylan turned up to play a show there in the 1960s Lena famously told him he would never amount to anything! More recently, it’s a regular gig for my pal Roy Book Binder and he’s always suggesting I sort a show there…the renovation is, I guess, why they had no dates available this trip.

We cross the street and have a bowl of black bean soup and a big piece of corn bread then carry on our journey, with me taking a turn to drive for a while…then Margaret does the last shift. We roll into Providence, Rhode Island around 6pm, pick up some supplies at a supermarket and a liquor store then check into our hotel. Margaret’s found a good deal on a Ramada where we’ll be for the next two nights…