WE have a lazy morning and I edit up some footage for the fifth and final part of the USA tour videoblog.

Ginny’s not around, so Margaret knocks up some scrambled egg and stuff while I nip out to get some bagels…and a monster pack of 72 soft tacos to take home (if there’s enough room in the bags…and they weigh 1.7kg!).

Once we’ve eaten we start getting the bags ready (there is room for the tacos!), take the stuff were leaving here (a guitar, banjo, transformer, bag of other stuff and what little merch we have left) down to Ginny’s storage place in the basement.

By the time we’re done, Ginny’s back home and drives us to JFK to catch the Heathrow flight. Just as well we’re early as the bag drop queues are a nightmare but eventually we get through with enough time to grab a snack before boarding.

We’re right at the back of the plane, but I manage to get both guitars and my effects case in an overhead locker along with our other hand baggage. Margaret befriends the chatty hostess who gives us extra drinks and makes sure we have all we need – and more – for the flight…I watch a film about Mavis Staples while we eat then….zzzzzzzzzz…..