I've been missing this amazing place...and the fresh air. Centre of the Universe.

I’ve been missing this amazing place…and the fresh air. Centre of the Universe.

FIRST full day back home…kinda chilly, so need to get the fire set.

First job is cleaning it out – the summer wasp infestation has left it like a wasp cemetery. Then I chop some wood and get it ready for lighting later on.

Margaret’s away into Glasgow, but she’s done a huge amount of unpacking so I try and get the rest of it in hand before tackling the mountain of tasks and stuff needing attention strewn all over the dining room table.

It’s a beautiful crisp, sunny day outside and the one thing I’ve been missing while we’ve been away is getting out for a walk and some fresh air so off I go up the lochside. 

On the way back I stop in at Betty and Joe’s to sort out some computer problems. Nothing too difficult to sort out and soon we’re sitting round the table chatting over a coffee.

When I get back, Margaret’s home and got the fire lit. We relax for a wee while then I make some tofu with lemongrass, basil and lime and we eat in front of the telly.

We picked up stuff to make green curry paste and breakfast patties yesterday – I make the green curry paste then mix up the pork and turkey mince with some sage and other secret ingredients and Margaret comes to help press the patties.

It’s book club tomorrow (Friday) and I’m only halfway through Mornings in Jenin…I pour a large dram and enjoy a few more chapters…

Selfie by the lochside :-)

Selfie by the lochside 🙂