MARGARET wakes me at 9.30am. Or tries to. I can’t even speak…she brings me some paracetamol and a glass of water. Back to sleep.

I can’t believe my eyes when I look at the clock and it;s 2.30pm! After a shower I’m feeling better and get on with the ‘morning’ chores before a 3.30pm breakfast. Oh dear.

I tackle some of the diaried tasks then remember my online shop needs sorted…I ‘deactivated’ a load of products while we were away after it cost us over $20 to send a t-shirt order to the UK from the USA. Catriona had a load of CDs and some bottlenecks etc to fulfil orders but it wasn’t gonna be practical for her to have the entire t-shirt store!

I get everything back to normal, deal with another coupla things then we head along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner. I was planning an early-ish night, but the conversation and wine are i  full flow and it;s sometime after midnight when we walk back along the lochside by the light of the moon.