AFTER breakfast we tackle the USA tour accounts…we did manage to keep on top of some of the stuff while we were away but there’s still loads to do.

It takes us a few hours to get the spreadsheets done which will – I hope – let me submit my tax return to the US tax folks and give me what I need for my accounts this end. The resulting figures also let us see how the tour performed…taking into account an apportionment of visa, travel insurance and car rental insurance and offsetting an estimate of what we would have spent on food shopping here we pretty much broke even with the tour.

On one hand that’s pretty good going…but if you start taking into account the five/six months of booking, PR and promo work undertaken by yours truly (albeit not all day every day) and five weeks of two of us being on the road and working effectively 24/7 it doesn’t look so good. We’re trying to build something, though, and I’m not sure you can buy goodwill, perception, awareness and the friendships we’ve made on the tour.

We may head back February/March before my O-1 visa runs out in June…then we need to decide if we’re gonna re-apply or leave it a while and focus back on the UK and Europe. 

The left side of my neck is very tender and sore which, combined with sore knuckles and joints, makes me think I shold visit the doc…I call and make an appointment for tomorrow.

There’s various other tasks needing done and I also need to prepare news release for my final two Scottish shows of the year – Saturday 26 November at Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir (unplugged!) and then Clarks, Dundee on Thursday 15 December. I get the news release written and all the relevant media contacts copied in then save it all ready to go out first thing in the morning.

I make a start on the online listings for these shows then head off for an early night.