A LONG list of stuff coming up on the to-do list…lots of phone calls and emails to be sent to try and get things in the diary.

In amongst things my pal Rab emails to see about some website updates..no problem, we schedule a chat for later in the week.

I manage to get a PRS for Music Members’ Fund meeting with a new grantholder sorted for next week, a Music+ mentoring session booked into a studio in  Glasgow and some of the other outstanding stuff nailed down.

My doctor’s appointment is at 4.30pm, so I leave early and walk the four or five miles to the village to find I’ve got  ‘acute wry neck’…then off to pick up a bunch of tablets to deal with it. Uuurgh.

My latest Daytrotter session – recorded in Davenport midway through the USA tour – is released today, but something’s happened to the track names and some songs are missing while the others play the wrong song! I drop them a note and – once it’s all fixed – I’ll start spreading the word.

Some of our spreadsheets seem to be missing…or have reverted to much older versions. Can’t find any reason for it, but it’s getting late, so I’ll check out backup drives tomorrow to see if anything gives.