I take a snap of this old croft on the walk back home....

I take a snap of this old croft on the walk back home….

I’VE a meeting in Drymen to try and push forward a web project I’m helping with…it’s pissing with rain, so Margaret drops me off on her way into Glasgow.

By the time I leave the rain’s off and I enjoy the walk home listening to some podcasts along the way.

After lunch I sort out the server side of things for the web project I met about this morning and put a holding page in place. Hope to get this job nailed over the weekend.

I have a nice chat with my pal Rab about some website updates he’d like me to sort out then I get on with a strategy/action plan for the band I met last night in Perth.

By the time I’m halfway through the plan it’s time to make dinner. Actually, it’s way past time to make dinner and if Margaret hadn’t been engrossed in the tennis on the telly she’d be squawking about being hungry!

I make some lemongrass, lime and basil tofu then we relax in front of the telly for a wee while before bed.