MARGARET goes off for her dentist appointment…and then she;s getting her feet done.

I’m outside chopping wood when the phone goes. It’s Margaret in a panic – she’s come out the dentist to a flat tyre. Luckily a passer helps her out and pumps the tyre up which will, hopefully, get her to the foot place then back home and we can work out what needs done then.

Main job this morning  is to finish the strategy/action plan for the band I met in Perth the other night. These things always take longer than I expect, but I think the finished plan will help the band exceed their aims for the next year.

Once that’s out the way I need to come up with some kind of proposal for Rab’s web updates and social media stuff around his forthcoming new release. First, though, I spend half an hour trying to sort a bunch of email problems on Margaret’s machine.

I’m slowly getting things done, but not making any real impression on the main to-do list…and next week’s already full up!

Matty rolls up just after 5pm and we chat for a while then grab a beer and I start getting dinner ready.

Earlier on I posted on Facebook that we’re starting to book my 2017 shows for UK, USA and Europe…and over the course of the night there’s a load of ideas, requests and enquiries which we deal with while sitting round the table.