AFTER breakfast I go through some images for the web project I’m about to embark on…and get an outline design put together. This might take some time!

Matty says cheerio and heads off and I spend some time to work out why Margaret’s MacBook and iPhone aren’t syncing with my stuff properly…and why my contacts sync only seems to be working in one direction. 

I don;t really get very far before it;s time to pack some stuff – we’re off to Catriona and Will’s for the night and we plan on stopping in Stirling to see if we can get the slow puncture fixed. I check the tyre. It’s pretty soft..the footpump gauge says it’s only at 10 bar so I pump it up and watch the gauge…it’s going down as I watch. There’s no way we can drive on that tyre.

We get the spare on without too much trouble. I;m amazed the alloy wheel comes off OK – I’ve had problems with alloy wheels getting ‘fused’ on and refusing to budge. In Stirling the tyre guy tells us what we feared – the screw in the tyre is to close tot he edge to repair. Shite. It’s an expensive Michelin tyre that’s only done 1000 miles or so…oh well.

Carolyn and Steve are already at Catriona and Will’s when we arrive. We have a few drinks then a lovely dinner…as usual, the chat and drink flow and it’s nearly 2am when we turn.