WILL makes chilli pancakes with maple bacon and avocado & coriander salad for breakfast…everyone loves it 🙂

Once we’ve eaten Will, Steve and I go for a walk in the hills while Carolyn, Catriona and Margaret go for a walk round the village.

We all meet back at the house for coffee and cake then Margaret and I head for Glasgow and a visit to Costco to get a new tyre fitted. We wander around the store and have a hotdog while were waiting.

On the way home Betty calls…she’s a couple of wee things she’d like us to help her with and also wonders f we’d like to go along for dinner.

Before we go, Margaret watched Andy Murray win the tennis and I spend a couple of hours getting some work done and fixing our computer/phone sync problems.

We have a nice relaxed evening with our friends then wander home by  midnight.