I DROP Margaret in Glasgow and head for Edinburgh where I have a meeting with someone needing some support from PRS members’ fund.

The traffic’s awful and I text to let them know it’ll me closer to 11am when I get there. The meeting goes well and I really hope the fund can offer some more help.

Back to Glasgow for lunch at Costco then I pick up some shopping and stop in for Margaret.

We’re home by late afternoon and I get some more work done before working out some set lists for Saturday’s unplugged show at Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir – I plan to kick off with a set of covers/influences that I rarely, if ever, would play live.

I get a couple of guitars ready for a Music+ session I have at a studio in Glasgow tomorrow afternoon then, while Margaret gets dinner ready, I nip out for a meeting about a possible future event.

It’s a bit later than usual when we sit down to eat, then some, more work and and early-ish night. Busy day tomorrow…