MY left hand – the one I burned with the oil last night – is a lot better and, miraculously, there’s no blisters even on the more badly burned index finger. The cold water and bag of ice must’ve worked 🙂

The burnt ‘bits’ feel a bit odd and numb, but part from that, i think I’ve been lucky.

I have a few things to sort out for a wee event happening locally then I go through emails and stuff. There’s a message form my web client who’s largely happy with the website I’ve developed asking for a few changes here and there.

The rest of the morning is spent tweaking the website and changing a few bits of text here and there. There’s a bit of to-ing and fro-ing via email and by early afternoon I think we’re pretty much done. All that remains is to set up a quick training session to show the client how to make simple updates.

Our leaking washing machine is now beyond a joke and we decide to try and remove it using brute force. We had tried before, but the bluddy thing was so tightly squeezed into the space under the worktop it was getting caught on the floorcovering as we tried to pull it, jamming it even more. We get it out. Phew.

It weights a ton, though, so I borrow a sack barrow form our local pub and we manage to get it outside and Margaret trims up the torn lino and cleans up the space which will, hopefully, have dried out by the time a new washing machine arrives. Hopefully on Thursday.

I’d planned a walk today, but sorting out the website and dealing with the washing machine have reigned supreme…can’t complain tho’ – good to get both things sorted.

I make a green curry – the first using my latest batch of home-made paste. I used the Blendtec rather than the stick blender, to blitz the mixture for the first time which resulted in a much smoother, less fibrous, runnier paste than usual….it looks odd to start with, but the resulting curry is really good. Maybe an improvement!