I MANAGE to stick to my resolution of getting up early, all the chores done and get into the office or studio.

Sadly, today it’s the office. Not only do I need to clear the decks of paper, but my accounts are a mess and need to be brought up to date.

After an hour or two I take a break and deal with a couple of emails from the client whose website I’m finishing off.

The afternoon is spent in the office until I get cabin fever and head out for a walk up the lochside. When I get to Milarrochy Bay I do an impromptu Facebook Live Stream as I continue my walk…no live music this time, but it’s fun to interact with the live comments.

Back in the office I start messing with another project I’m about to kick off but my eyes seem to be playing up and the pain’s distracting me and I can’t concentrate. It;s after 6pm, so I go back to the house, light the fire and have a nap.

I wake up when Margaret arrives home with the shopping. We put it a way, get a pot of chill on the go and Margaret blocks up some of the holes in the wall and floor where the washing machine was…hopefully the new one will arrive tomorrow.