WE’RE running low on merch – and some is sold out, so we do a bit of stock-taking and get some stuff ordered to see us through the next show (Dundee on 15 December) and the Christmas period.

Something feels a bit too crunchy in a mouthful of chocolate brownie with my morning coffee…on investigation the ‘hard bit’ turns out to be my gold implant – the same one that came adrift back in September. A call to the dentist and I’m booked in for tomorrow (Saturday) morning for repairs.

There’s still a few bits and bobs needing tied up on the web project I’m working on for a local client…I send of an email to try and get a few things resolved.

A couple of festival booking requests have come in over the last few days which we discuss then Margaret takes them on.

There’s a lot of resource planning for the web project I’m planning to launch in the new year.

It’s starting to get dark when I decide on a walk and head up the lochside.

By the time I start heading back home it’s dark and I’m glad of the head torch I stuck in my pocket before I left.

We have a relaxed evening and watch a movie with a bottle of red after dinner.