BREAKFAST burritos this morning…haven’t made ’em in about a year, but all the ingredients are staring me in the face when I open the fridge.

First stop after breakfast is the dentist where my gold crown/implant/whatever the hell it’s called is refitted and stuck in place. Hopefully to stay for a while this time.

I spend some time on the new web projects then edit up some bits of video that have been kicking around. First, from Margaret’s birthday seaplane flight back in August. I make up a wee minute-long piece.

Second is some video from Joe’s community presentation on Wednesday. Margaret caught all the speeches on the wee compact pop-a-matic camera….the quality’s not great but I make up a 20-minute resumé of proceedings so there’s a wee record of the night.

A bunch of us have been invited along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner and, as usual, it’s a no holds barred evening of food, drink, fun and friends….