It’s dark and cold outside…so I sit by the fire, work on some songs and enjoy a wee dram….

IT’S dark and cold when we drive into Glasgow and Margaret drops me at the eye hospital.

Normally my check-ups are every six months, but the recent uveitis flare-ups have made three-monthly appointments necessary for the time being. All seems to be making it’s way back to ‘normal’ and hopefully we’ll get back down to steroids every second day and keep it all under control.

All the stuff in my eyes means I can’t read or do anything of much use until early/mid-afternoon. Once I;m done at the hospital I wander into town then go into McDonalds for a coffee and free wifi…the ‘zoom’ feature on my phone and iPad let me check emails and stuff albeit a bit of a clumsy way to have to go about things.

Next stop is a wander round the shops int he hope of finding some Christmas present inspiration for Margaret but….nothing. Gonna have to dig a bit deeper to get an idea of what she might like.

There’s a few things to pick up before I head to St Enoch Business Centre to find out about their PO Box rentals. Our current PO Box – via Royal Mail – has gone up from £65 a year to over £250 and the amount of mail we get through it is negligible. We decided to do away with it but realise we need to put something in place to maintain our ‘privacy’.

I chat with the folks and the service on offer is as good as – if not better in many ways – than the Royal Mail service, so we get things underway. Looks like I’ll need to get busy changing our mailing address in countless places…and knock up some new business cards.

I have another hour or so to kill before meeting my Music+ student at the studios so another coffee it is…and my eyesight back to as near normal as it gets letting me, at last get on with a few bits and bobs of work.

The Music+ meeting is my student’s last session under the programme so I wish him well and hope to see him achieve his musical goals in coming years.

Like when we left early this morning, it’s cold and dark when we get home.

I get the fire lit and after dinner I sit with the guitar and mess with some lyrical ideas that formed in my head as I was wandering around the city earlier… a nice 18-year-old Glengoyne helps things along…