LOTS to get done today.

I start by submitting my Music+ reports/notes then get some invoices sent out and chase some of the ones I think should have been paid by now.

Margaret noticed a weird link that had mysteriously appeared in the biog on my website seemingly put there by some kind of malicious malware  – I get rid of it and run some security scans. All seems well, but I up the security and encryption for the site anyway. Just in case.

There’s some preparation to do for Betty and Joe coming for dinner tonight, then I get back to it in the office. It;s been a day of dealing with ‘things that have come up’ instead of getting things off the to-do list and it;s so dark and grey that the outside light – which is on  a ‘dusk til dawn’ sensor is on all day!

We have a nice night with Betty and Joe – I’ll get on the case tomorrow….!