I like the Miracle Noodles ‘penne’ I make for lunch – a bit more chewy than reglar pasta, but I like that!

TOO much to do before I head to the village for a meeting with my web client….the site’s done and dusted now, so all I need to do is show them how to log in and make updates/changes.

Margaret is going into Glasgow to pick up some stuff she left behind at the checkout in Homebase yesterday and drops me off.

The meeting goes smoothly then I walk the four or five miles home – I’ve got some posters form Betty and Joe to put up round the community noticeboards en route so kill two birds with one stone. Actually, three birds ‘cos I listen to some social media marketing podcasts while I’m walking 🙂

It’s lunchtime when I get back and decide to try out the Miracle Noodles ‘penne’ – a shirataki zero carb, low calorie (just kcal per serving) noodle/pasta alternative made in Japan. 

The ‘penne’ cooks in a couple of minutes then I dry fry it and add some tomato pesto, a sprinkling of parmesan and some black pepper. I like it, the texture’s more al dente than real pasta, but the slightly tougher texture appeals to me.

I spend the afternoon in  the office dealing with routine stuff and doing a little work on my own website project which I hope to launch soon.

Margaret has a local community meeting early evening and we decide to eat after that. I watch some ProTools/production stuff on YouTube while she;s out then we eaty and watch Na Trads (Scottish traditonal music awards) on the iPlayer.