Looking forward to this show with Hayseed Dixie and AC/DC UK at the end of April 🙂

AFTER breakfast I get into the office and start work on some of the logos and graphics for the forthcoming web project.

Funny how ideas evolve and after I place my initial graphics on the pages and I see them in context I have some other ideas of how to improve them a bit. Back to the drawing board!

I take a break to print out Christmas card lists and address labels – and also put together set lists for next Thursday’s (15 December) show at Clarks in Dundee.

Back on the web stuff I spend the rest of the day on front-end design and then mess with some of the UX/UI (user experience/interface…isn’t gobbledegook lingo a blast!) stuff to see how it can all fit together to make things easy for visitors.

Before shutting up the office I realise Bonfest – the annual Bon Scott and AC/DC festival – has announced my main stage slot with Hayseed Dixie and AC/DC UK at the end of April…so we can share and go public. Quite excited about that show 🙂

We wander along to Betty and Joe’s for a wee aperitif then back home in time for Mikey arriving.

We have dinner and chat the night away over a few beers and a dram….