I HAVE  along lie then jump in the shower…when I get out, there’s a message form Martyn asking if I fancy going out for a walk.

That sounds like a good idea, so after breakfast I head along to his place and we take the dog a long walk, hit the muddiest track I’ve ever been on then we’re treated to chicken pie for lunch back at Martyn and Loiuise’s. 

It’s mid-afternoon by the time I get back home and start to tackle some of the things on mjy list. Before I do, though, the canopy above our patio doors is pretty manky and needs a clean…I get busy with that and clean the conservatory window frames and decking while I’m at it.

There’s a load of images I need for the web project that I should have in my archives. I dig out the CD archive folders then discover that ones I need are unreadable…they have paper labels on them and, although we didn’t know that 10/15 years ago it;s now an absolute no no.

I try reading the discs in various old laptops and other drives but no joy. I research other solutions and try slowing down the drive speed of the reader but despite popular theory, the problem isn’t so much that the labels can throw the disc off-balanace on todays fast drives, it’s more to do with the adhesives wrecking the surface of the CD-r itself. Apparently the ‘label side’ is more prone to damage and causing read problems than the read side.

As a last resort I try sponging one of the discs with warm water and get the label (and adhesive) off without causing any apparent damage….but the thing still won’t read. The game’s a bogey – and most of my live music photo archives – of folks like Kings of Leon, PJ Harvey, Primal Scream, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Texas, Catatonia, The Hives, early Biffy Clyro and loads more – are screwed 🙁

So by 9pm I have no images, no archives and got nothing done. To add insult to injury and online order comes in for a t-shirt that’s out of stock..we sold the last of that design in a particular size in Kirriemuir and yours truly forgot to update the stock levels in the web store. Idiot.