THERE’S some stuff I didn’t get done yesterday – a workaround is to try and dig out some photos not scuppered by the malfunctioning CD archives.

I pull together some images that, although not ideal, will work for the new web project.

The drizzle’s stopped so i grab a couple of cameras from the studio and nip down to the village to take some photos of work in progress for a new ‘orientation point’ – our pal Joe asked if I could get him some pix. I get the pix and blether with the guys then head back home.

There’s a note in from the Musicians’ Union offering me a place on a PR/media session they’re hosting next week in Glasgow…I missed the last one which ended up being cancelled due to illness so great to get on this one. Sometimes I feel my PR/media knowledge is out of date and things have moved on, so this is a great chance to bring my skills knowledge – if I have any – up to date.

Margaret and I have a planning  meeting about gigs and 2017…we’re miles behind with our planning ‘cos we’re waiting on so many folks getting back to us. and already some of the things we’d been hedging our bets on have fallen through. We’re not much further on after our meeting!

I get the next web project up and running then head to the studio to make up a set list and run through some songs for Thursday’s show at Clarks in Dundee.

Suddenly it’s late and time to make dinner. Green curry – after which we make a (late) start on the Christmas cards and manage at least to get the overseas ones written.