Kenny’s busy finishing the emergency run of shirts when I arrive….

OFF into Glasgow early.

I drop Margaret off then take the car to the garage on Maryhill Road. They thought they’s sorted the airbag light on the dash a week or two ago, but it;s back on 🙁

The investigation – and hopefully repair – might take a while so I walk into town and plonk my ass in McDonalds for coffee and free wifi until it’s time to head down to the Scottish Music Centre to meet Sace for a coffee and blether.

It’s after 1pm when I say cheerio. Still no word from the garage so I wander about. There’s a message from Kenny, the guy who prints my t-shirts, saying eh can print up an emergency run of Hellbound Train shirts if I want to pick ’em up later. Magic.

I grab a sandwich and eat it on the hoof then go and park myself in McDonalds with a coffee and do some more work ’til the garage calls.

By the time I get the car it’s time to pick up Margaret and we head for Costco then I drop her at the supermarket to go round while I pick up the shirts from Kenny.

One more stop – See Woo at The Point for some of my more eclectic Chinese and Japanese groceries – then home.

As well as still having to write the majority of our Christmas cards, the tree and decorations ain’t up yet! It’s late, though, and we’re both knackered…early night.