Last show of the year at Clarks, Dundee.

WE hit the ground running this morning. Lots to get done before we head to Dundee for tonight’s show at Clark’s….my last show of the year.

There’s some last minute social media promo for tonight’s gig, then we start on the 2017 plan. We’ve been trying to sort things out for next year for ages now, but so many things are falling off the list – and loads of new opportunities coming in – it’s like catching soap in the shower.

Margaret manages to nail down a Glasgow show at The Hug & Pint for Friday 10 February – tickets available here.

I pack the car while Margaret sorts out the merch and we hit the road, stopping in the village to post of some merch orders.

We arrive in Dundee and load in just after 5pm and Kit gets the sound sorted. Clark’s is a great wee venue and the sound is always good.

After something to eat we chill for a while before doors then chat with folks coming in for the show – our pals Bill and Dorothy are over from the ‘States and have come down with their daughter Valeria and husband Shady, Great to see them.

It’s my first full-length show in a while and all goes good. We have a great night  and time to chat with folks before loading out…we stop off at Valeria and Shady’s for a quick dram before we leave Dundee. We listen to Bill’s new CD – a great album of original material – all the way home, pulling up sometime after2.30am and falling into bed.

After the show we go back for a dram with Shady, Valerie, Dorothy and Bill…and swap CDs Bill and I both released this year 🙂