Catriona comes round to finish the Christmas cakes she and her mum made a couple of weeks ago :-0

IT’S after 9.30am when we wake up at Sheena and Paul’s…that’s what happens when there’s no alarm clock set to rouse us.

Paul makes the most amazing giant waffle for breakfast which we enjoy with bacon and maple syrup and we chat for a while over coffee before making for home. Catriona’s coming to finish the Christmas cakes she and Margaret made a few weeks ago – marzipan and icing. Nice!

I’m still loaded with the lurgy – Sheena and Paul had it too, so glad I wasn’t going to be giving them an early Christmas present – and don;t feel like doing any work, but there;s loads to get done so I lock myself in the office and get on with it until it’s time to go to the village hall for our annual community carol singing.

All our local pals are there and we have a fun couple of hours then head home. Tempting to go to the pub but we haven’t had dinner, still got some work to get done and we’re skint…and I’m off to a PR/media workshop in Glasgow early doors tomorrow.