I’M STILL full of the lurgy and decide to lie in for another hour or two to see if that helps.

That, and a long shower, seem to help a fair bit. I put my Fitbit on to charge before I go into the shower but notice it’s not charged at all when I go back for it…the spring clip on the charger is broken and the pins won’t stay in contact with the Fitbit. Bah.

There’s an email from Lesley asking if I can add a couple of pages to her website which I’ll look at later…and a reply from the Thermapen folks saying that because most folks in the UK use ºC and not ºF they don’t bother telling folks how to change it. Surely to fuck it’s as easy to print ‘switch 1 – toggle between ºC and ºF‘ as it is ‘switch 1 – unused‘….!!!!!

I sellotape the Fitbit into the charger and head for the support section on their website. There’s a ‘live chat’ option and five minutes later they’ve undertaken to send a new charger ASAP – free, of course, as it’s still under warranty.  I’ve had a similar very positive experience with Fitbit in the past when they replaced a defunct item four years ago without question. Along with Otterbox, Fitbit can be hailed as customer service champions.

I  with some work! I get through a pile of stuff then tackle Lesley’s website. Of course, it’s not so simple as adding a couple of pages. The back end updates and maintenance has been sadly lacking and is now out of date – with no easy way to update without a complete clean up and reinstall. 

It kinda highlights that folks need to know about website maintenance and upkeep – like a car, or anything else for that matter – things need to be kept up to date. Maybe I shoudl start a service…!