OH DEAR…not feeling too clever this morning. Hangover from hell.

We’ve both got dental check-ups at 11.30am and once I’ve dragged myself out of bed and through the shower, Les drives us to the dentist.

When we’re done, we stop at Martyn and Louise’s for a quick coffee and pick up the car. They’e remarkably chipper considering last night’s activities.

After some grub I feel marginally better and hit the office for a wee while, keen to see how last night;s Facebook livestream fared. Pretty good by the look of things 🙂

Betty had ordered some CDs earlier in the week and I brave the wind and rain to take ’em along. The fresh air, walk and a nice coffee make me feel a little better, but I still need to go for a nap in front of the fire when I get home.

We test the new Thermapen cooking thermometer on a roast and it works great – aside form my mumping and moaning about the stupid-ass instructions it already looks like a really good buy. On the downside (or upside in a way) it shows my other probes (for the smoker) are either faulty or badly calibrated in the first place. 

It’s quite late when we eat then chill for a while…I’m in bed by midnight leaving the sisters to it….