We really gonna eat all this?


After a bit of a lie-in everyone slowly gets up…Mikey and I go outside to get a gazebo up and prepare the smoker for the turkey. We want to eat before midnight!

Once the turkeys safely on the smoker we have bucks fizz, bacon rolls and coffee then go through to swap and open presents. Everyone does pretty good.

We chill for a while then Catriona, Mikey, Matty and I go for a walk. It’s blowing gale and raining  off and on but the fresh air does us good.

Back home the gazebio is, thankfully, still in place over the smoker. This year I definitely need to build some kind of shelter/grilling  paviliion!

While we’ve been out, Lesley and Margaret have been busy in the kitchen with the spuds, parsnips, carrots, cauli cheese, sprouts and goodness knows what else…oh, some Yorkshire pudding and gravy too!

The stuffing I made yesterday’s in the oven in muffin trays and once the turkey’s ready and rested in tin foil we sit down to Christmas dinner.

Once we’ve eaten we tidy up a little then relax, chat, watch bits of telly and stuff for the rest of the night. Been a mighty fine Christmas…we’re pretty damn lucky 🙂

Selfie round the table