Uh-oh – we shoulda taken down last night after all!

IT’S BEEN a stormy night. Margaret looks out the window and the gazebo is down….still attached to the steps on the decking  but flapping about like some kind of dying robotic prehistoric bird.

Mikey goes out to see if he can save it, but it’s  past help – two completely bent legs and burst joints and bent spars all over the place. It’s fucked.

Last night before we all went to bed Mikey suggested it might be a good idea to take it down, but having survived what I thought was gonna be the worst of the weather through Christmas day I reckoned it’d survive the night. Fail.

After a late breakfast Matty and Catriona head off. Lesley and I hit the office and I set up some booking forms and a deposit-taking system for her website.

By the time we’re done it’s time to go along to Fiona and Steven’s for their Boxing Day ‘drinks and munchies’. There’s a good crowd when we get there and we have a great night, staggering back along the road a good three or four hours later.

It’s near’y midnight – we have a quick snack and a dram then head off to bed….